Vandalizm...Me gusta!!!
Just married to sarcasm and common sense! I work with kids and young people and I live in the Netherlands. I'll try to teach kids art history in graffiti and street-art and I also host graffitiworkshops. My boyfriend is my-all-time-partner-in-crime, I love nail-art, Hello Kitty & tattoos and I'm a real cookin' princess!

Although I (re)post hot chicks sometimes, I'm not a lesbian, but hey...a hot chick is more attractive to look at than most men! ^^

But...'nuff about me, what's your excuse?

Props 'n credits for the flix on my Tumblr are usually goin' 2 others...Unless I say otherwise!
Duster UA
  1. ~Dusty~

    Duster UA

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